Dentalhitec SleeperOne5

SleeperOne er en elektronisk pen til at udføre dine standardbedøvelser mere effektivt og komfortabelt.

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Comfort and precision

  • SleeperOne is very light (71gr) which allows a pen grip very close to the needle. You work with support points to find the same accuracy as with your turbine.
  • This comfort and extra precision bring you benefits for all your anesthesia.
  • Your intraligamentaries or intraseptals are performed easily without needle twisting, without any loss of time !
  • Your nerve block are better mastered.
  • Your palatal and attached mucosa anesthesias are painless as you can control the needle penetration depth into the superficial tissue layers, with a perfectly controlled injection speed.

Electronic control for greater comfort

  • Unlike manual or ratchet syringes, your anesthesias are made without effort or muscle pain.
  • With 4 injection speeds adapted to all situations,SleeperOne ensures your patients a painless injection at any time of the day.
  • The injection pressure is constantly monitored to reducepostoperative pain (arthritis )
  • SleeperOne has been used for many years in faculties.